About KiddzOnline

Kiddzonline is an optimal and dynamic daycare management system that links all components of the daycare center into one single platform. The system is a user friendly interface with an easy access and clear workflow. Kiddzoline is comprised of 4 main modules:


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    Child Module

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    Management Module

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    Teacher & employee Module

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    Regulator Module MOH reporting

All modules are accessible via the mobile app or the web browser, on all devices.

Kiddzonline is also compatible for different childcare related businesses like; preschools, afterschool care, camps and enrichment programs. In addition to managing multi-location braches under the same business.

Simply put! Kiddzonline is a digital safety net where parents, teachers, administrators, and regulator are all working as a team for the best of the children.


We are part of a digital and global society, where technology shapes all our interactions.

Kiddzonlinewasdevelopedwithamindsetforinvestingin technology to bring forth excellence in the daycare profession.


Childcare doesn’t take a day Off!

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    Child Module

The child is the most important component of Kiddzonline. All data related to the child’s activities , development, health and diet are available at your finger tips without the headache of manual documents.


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    Child application form

    easy to build child profile compatible with MOH requirements

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    Food Menu management

    schedule your food menu for the upcoming days

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    Vaccination reports

    keep a close follow up on crucial vaccination dates

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    Medical reports

    stay on top of any medical case and handle your specially abled children with delicate care.

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    Daily reports

    follow up on the child’s activities and development

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    Parents Mobile app

Parents can access vital daily data about their children on real time basis via our easy to use Parent App.

1- Follow up on your child’s Daily activities
2- Get reminder notifications for Vaccination dates
3- Trace step by step your child’s Development reports
4- Get notified for Daycare announcements from management
5- Enjoy the special moments of your child through News feeds & photo sharing
6- Instant messaging

Available on

With kiddzonline parents can now rest assure their kids are in safe hands.

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    Teacher & employee module

Teachers are the engine of the daycare. They engage with child from the moment they enter the daycare. Kiddzonline will eliminate the manual administrative work for teachers and have them focus mainly on child development.


1- Teacher profile – create a detailed profile for your teachers and maintian their legal and medical documents as per MOH requirements

2- Teacher calendar – keep track of your teacher’s attendance
3- Daily reports management – get notified on work progress for

child’s daily & development reports

4- Teacher related notifications – get notified for any expiry of legal and medical documents related to your teachers

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    Medical & administrative staff module

Medical & adminstartive staff will now be on top of their assigned activities.


1- Nurse & Doctor Profile – create a detailed profile for your medical staff and maintian their legal documents as per MOH requirements

2- Manager Profile – create a detailed profile for your branch manager and assign their duties accordingly

3- Staff calendar – keep track of your staff attendance
4- Medical reports management – get notified on work progress for

child’s medical reports

5- Staff related notifications – get notified for any expiry of legal or medical documents related to your staff

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    Management module

Now owners can sit back and manage their daycare business via the management module. With the data flow coming from each of the child & teacher modules, the daycare owners will have quality information to run their business properly & profitably. In a nutshell, the management module will guarantee to the owner that everything is in check.


1- Multiple branches setup – according to MOH licencing requirements 2- Class management – manage your classes and teachers according

to your programs
3- Billing and collection – manage your cash flows effectively

4- Staff attendance reports – overlook the performance of all staff on multiple sites

5- Message Portal – send customized messages Via whatsapp to parents

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